Because everyone could use a second pair of eyes every now and then.

It is a proven fact that good grammar attracts an audience. When you’re in a situation where you can only communicate with someone through writing, your skills in written language are as important as brushing your teeth or combing your hair before meeting someone face to face. How you present yourself in writing directly affects the mindset of the people who are reading your piece.

The Write Stuff  provides:


A short but complete review involving a close line-by-line reading of a text in order to mark and clean up any final errors.


A good copyedit is more involved, looking at the mechanics of style (including word order and sentence structure), consistency of facts and presentation, and paragraph structure in addition to spelling, grammar, punctuation and the other basics.

Advanced Editing and Writing Coaching

Advanced editing or writing project is a substantial process which considers a writing project’s concept and intention, as well as content, organization, design and style.


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