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The art of business communication

In an age of information, businesses succeed or fail based on the quality of their communications. Despite the importance of the visual in modern marketing, clearly written documents are still essential if you hope to:

  • stand out from your competitors;
  • attract and hold clients;
  • help existing and potential customers understand your products or services;
  • create an image for your organization that your customers will remember.

The best graphic design in the world won’t work if the copy explaining what you do sounds clumsy and unprofessional. You’re likely to loose potential clients before they’ve finished the first paragraph.

Poor writing will damage your company’s reputation,
and with it your profitability.

The Write Stuff provides a range of writing and editing services to help you avoid this problem. Having your materials written, edited or proofread by a professional will eliminate ambiguity, so your text complements and enhances the visual appeal of your marketing. Your message will be heard, ensuring you attract new customers and retain existing clients.

Whatever written documents your business uses, The Write Stuff can write or edit them to your precise specifications.

The Write Stuff business editing

Business editing includes:

  • correcting errors of grammar, spelling and punctuation;
  • ensuring precision in vocabulary and phrasing, especially by eliminating overwriting and unnecessary verbosity;
  • modifying expression, including sentence structure and syntax, to guarantee your documents are clear, engaging and persuasive;
  • adjusting for consistency within and between documents or pages;
  • checking format, layout and presentation;
  • adjusting language and content to suit your target audience(s).

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